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Proven Winners®

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We believe a better garden starts with a better plant which is why we extensively trial our plants to ensure successful performance in the landscape. There’s a reason Proven Winners is the brand more gardeners trust for outstanding annuals, perennials, and shrubs and ornamental trees.

For almost 30 years, Proven Winners has been dedicated to sustainably producing superior liners for wholesale growers across North America. Every plant that we develop spends years being trialed to ensure healthy vigorous plants with robust long-lasting floral displays, outstanding color, and easy care. Beyond quality, Proven Winners is committed to providing education and service to gardeners everywhere to help them be successful with low-care rewarding plant options.

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Proven Winners® Family of Brands

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Proven Winners® Annuals

TropicalsAnnualsPerennialsVinesOrnamental GrassesBroadleaf EvergreensFruitingAquatics

Proven Winners® Annuals provide easy-care, bright, long-lasting color all season long, whether in a container or in the garden! With a range of sizes from a 4.25 Grande to a Quart, it’s easy to find the sizes and varieties that will stand out in gardens, hanging baskets or patio pots.

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Proven Winners® ColorChoice® Flowering Shrubs

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Proven Winners travels and trials its shrubs around the world to bring you easy-care plants with lush foliage, sturdy stems, and large blooms that last longer! From petite shrubs for the foundation to large ornamental shrubs and evergreen hedges, Proven Winners ColorChoice® Flowering Shrubs hosts a huge variety of disease-resistant vigorous plants that are sure to meet your landscape needs!

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Proven Winners® Perennials

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What makes Proven Winners® Perennials stand out? Like other Proven Winners introductions, these perennials are trialed and tested to ensure health and vigor, growing bigger and better with every season. Best of all, these perennials are bred to have more impressive color and longer bloom times than their counterparts. Since perennials take a little time to get going, give them at least a year to put on the captivating performance that will keep showing up for years to come.