Kankakee Nursery Leads as the First Supplier on LandscapeHub

A premier nursery stock grower in the Midwest joins online marketplace LandscapeHub

CHICAGO, July 12, 2018—LandscapeHub, an online marketplace for the nursery and landscape green industry, announced Kankakee Nursery was the first supplier to join its platform. Kankakee Nursery is one of the oldest growers of quality nursery stock in Illinois.

“As we celebrate our first year as a company, we want to honor the people who were with us from the beginning—when LandscapeHub was just an idea” shares Lisa Fiore, Founder & CEO of LandscapeHub. “Kankakee Nursery believed in the promise of what LandscapeHub could provide not just their nursery but the entire industry. They should be commended for their progressiveness. We are extremely proud and privileged to have the Worth family, Mike O’Gorman, and the entire Kankakee team as the first supplier for the platform. Together, we can provide buyers access to the outstanding quality of Kankakee Nursery.”

Kankakee Nursery is an Illinois-based wholesale supplier of trees, shrubs, evergreens and perennials. Founded in 1925 by Clyde J. Worth and Lloyd Pottinger, Kankakee Nursery has been supporting nurseries and landscapers across the country for generations. The fourth-generation of the Worth family is now an integral part of the day-to-day operations of 2,700 acres of farmland that grows over 500 varieties of nursery stock.

“We immediately saw the opportunity in LandscapeHub” said Steve Worth, owner/sales manager at Kankakee Nursery. “Being the first supplier on this digital platform pays homage to all the generations of our family that believed in innovation and the expansion. Being the pioneer for the supplier base demonstrates our commitment to help lead the digital transformation for our industry. We are excited to provide the Kankakee experience to all LandscapeHub buyers.”

On LandscapeHub, buyers have access to products provided by over 100 suppliers with representation in 14 states. Kankakee Nursery has added their entire catalog of over 500 varieties of balled-and-burlapped, container and bare root plants to LandscapeHub, making it accessible to buy anytime on the digital platform. Buyers can now source, quote, and build orders from Kankakee Nursery anytime on LandscapeHub.

About LandscapeHub: Founded in 2017 by Lisa Fiore, Ed Rockhill, and Chad Cooper, LandscapeHub is a Chicago-based technology company. Their online B2B marketplace connects buyers and suppliers within one central platform. LandscapeHub is dedicated to streamlining the procurement process in the green industry. Buyers and suppliers increase efficiency, expand their networks, and gain valuable market knowledge and insights by using LandscapeHub. For more information, please visit www.landscapehub.com or contact info@landscapehub.com

About Kankakee Nursery: Kankakee Nursery is a fourth-generation wholesale grower of trees, evergreens, shrubs and perennials located in Aroma Park, IL (just outside Kankakee, IL). Since its inception in 1925, the nursery has grown to 2,700 acres of farmland with over 500 varieties of plants in production. We have always been whole-heartedly committed to providing excellent quality plants at a fair price with top notch customer service. It is these values that have established Kankakee Nursery as a recognizable industry leader for decades. For more information, please visit our website at www.kankakeenursery.com