Meet Our Team

Get to know our tight-knit and hard-working team of green industry and technology professionals striving to make a real impact for landscape buyers and suppliers.

Our Team

Plant nerds and tech wizards

Our passionate and energetic team is full of bright, forward-thinking individuals with the perfect blend of technical chops and love for the green industry. We have horticulture experts who can give you both the common and botanical name of a plant in a flash and engineers who have built some of the most sophisticated systems and databases (including our own!).

Our Mission and Values

Improve the lives of green industry professionals

Every day, we strive to improve the lives of green industry professionals. We're creating an industry that's more connected, transparent, and better equipped to serve green professionals' current and future needs. To do it, we live by a core set of values that enable us to do our best work in an environment that is respectful, kind, and full of curious minds. As a team, we value meaningful solutions that help the businesses we serve and strive for continuous learning and growth.