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It started with an industry insider

Lisa grew up in the landscape and nursery business. During the Great Recession, she was the CEO of a Chicago-based re-wholesaling business and she saw first-hand the hardships facing many companies in our industry. She set out to change the way buyers and suppliers connected to streamline the procurement process and bring the industry a helping hand.

A transparent supply chain

As Lisa’s company grew and recovered from the Great Recession, they started hitting walls — labor inefficiencies, supply chain difficulties, communication difficulties. During this time she conceptualized an enhanced database of her supplier network to help her manage the business.

The lightbulb moment

Lisa realized she wasn’t just building a tool to help her business, she was building a tool that would help the entire green industry streamline the supply chain—a major pain point. She sought out Chad Cooper as a co-founder. Chad came with a wealth of experience in creating online marketplaces, including leading the team that scaled products, engineering, technical operations at GrubHub, which culminated in the company’s IPO. He then went on to lead the technical team at GiveForward, which was eventually acquired by GoFundMe. Lisa and Chad knew a similar concept could work for the landscaping industry. Connecting suppliers with buyers to create a seamless, transparent marketplace. LandscapeHub was born!

Our goal here at LandscapeHub is to improve the lives of Green Industry professionals. With creativity, boldness and technology helping to propel a traditional space forward, LandscapeHub still values the personal relationships and trusted foundation of this great industry.

Whether you are at your desk or in the field, experience the future of buying and selling on LandscapeHub.

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